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Sheila Hill's Attorney Convinces His Client Not to Testify in City Hall Corruption Trial

As Don Hill took the stand earlier this month in the City Hall corruption trial, we checked in with his wife's attorney, Victor Vital, to find out if Sheila would also testify in her defense. Vital told us that she was in fact one of his witnesses, claiming she aimed to save her reputation through her testimony.

Even after Don faced excruciating cross-examination from prosecutor Marcus Busch, Vital assured us that he had no concerns about putting Sheila on the stand. But Busch can stop salivating at the thought of getting his hands on Sheila, as Vital tells us that he's convinced her not to testify. He says there's no reason to put her up there because Don was able to discuss many of the key issues related to Sheila's involvement in the case, such as whether or not she was doing work for her consulting contract with Southwest Housing and the terms of her agreement with D'Angelo Lee.

"Sheila is chomping at the bit to testify, but I told her they haven't touched her," he says. "The only reason she wants to testify is to save her name and to clear up that she didn't take money for nothing. I said, 'That's what PR firms and publicists are for.'"

In his conversation with his client, Vital says he told her to look at Martha Stewart. "She went to jail for crying out loud and got her image back," he says. "Sheila's going to be found not guilty. It's not going to be too hard for her to patch up her image without getting up there, so I talked her out of it."

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