Shockingly, Ted Nugent Was Not a Fan of Obama's State of the Union Address

In his State of the Union address yesterday, President Obama laid out a moderately progressive agenda, calling for a higher minimum wage, action to combat climate change, comprehensive immigration reform, and tougher gun control measures.

The Nuge was not amused. The New York Times described a "stone-faced" Ted Nugent whose "crossed arms and stern visage seemed to capture the conflict still lurking within the Republican Party."

Nugent, invited by Texas Congressman Steve Stockman into a House chamber otherwise packed with victims of gun violence and their families "seemed like a provocation, a saber-toothed tiger invited to a garden party."

But in this case, the tiger was defanged beforehand. He made good on his promise not to bring any of his guns, though this left him feeling "naked."

"I even turned in my knife! I feel like a little girl," he said, according to Politico. "I'd have to protect you with the leg of that table if something were to happen. I do have my flashlight."

As for substance, Nugent, noted for his level-headed political analysis dismissed the speech as "all flowers and very attractive and scripted emotion." And he thinks that everyone -- all the freedom-loving Amuhricuns at least -- was on his side, as he told Politico.

"People of the military, people of law enforcement, small business owners -- everyone was in agreement with Uncle Ted."

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