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I'm gonna resist the urge to focus on the name Metrognome (I'll just let hope live on that tonight I'll discover a garden statue in savvy attire serving as the art collective's mascot), and instead unleash a serious urging to attend the Shoplifting show tonight in Fort Worth. The quartet calls the Kill Rock Stars label home and features former Chromatics members with a belligerent need to blow your hair back and your face off with their occasionally dissident, percussion-heavy rock/punk/whatever it is, I like it. Every now and again Seattle's Shoplifting goes a bit old-school--Pixies-style, but not in that they-are-so-obviously-into-the-Pixies way that irritates and never satisfies. The guy-girl vocals offer constant variety on the band's 2006 release Body Stories, and I suspect the band's obvious passion and distinct energy will represent as well live as on the album.

The show starts at 10 p.m. with openers Eat Avery's Bones and Austin's Finally Punk.

--Merritt Martin


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