Since Everyone Loves Lists, Where Does Dallas Rank on "Riskiest Online Cities"?

According to Symantec, Dallas does rank fairly high on the list of American cities "under the greatest threat from cybercrime" -- 22 out of the top 50, which makes us the Adam Lambert to Seattle's Rihanna. There's one significant reason Dallas doesn't rank higher: We're not so connected to the Wi-Fi, coming in at 37th out of the 50. Says the software maker, Dallas only has 14.4 hotspots per 100,000 residents, which eliminates one portal to peril and makes life terribly inconvenient for people who refuse to upgrade their iPhones and like to work on their laptops somewhere other than in a Starbucks.

The report also documents how much we spent on average on hardware ($193.55 annually) and software ($28.04) and how often locals use the Web and what for. Also of note: The percentage of Dallas "adults" "engaging" in "Internet activity" is way below the national average, which explains a great many things about a great many things.

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Robert Wilonsky
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