Six Flags Moving the Bossman to Dallas

Actually, if I'm not mistaken, Six Flags's corporate offices in the DFW are in Grand Prairie on Avenue J East. But today -- which marks the amusement park's return to the New York Stock Exchange following Chapter 11 reorganization -- Six Flags announced that Al Weber Jr., its president and interim chief executive officer, would be decamping the company's New York HQ to be closer to Six Flags Over Texas, where the sound of fun will surround him (and how's that for a call-back?).

The move comes four years after Six Flags moved everyone to New York; no word on why Weber's moving to Texas, but calls have been made to the corporate communications office, which also is based here. Also contained within the filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission is news of an unspecified number of layoffs in the local corporate office, as well as several six-figure terminations in New York.

In related news -- which is to say, news related to the NYSE -- the morning bell was rung by a certain Thomas Jefferson High School graduate formerly known as Marvin Lee Aday. You know -- Meat Loaf.

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