Today's D'Angelo Lee story has got me really upset about the state of things. If a former member of the Dallas Plan Commission can't spend Sunday morning at the Knubian Fantaciez all-nude stripper club--which open-mindedly offers all-male shows after midnight--without fear of having his $15,000 alligator billfold temporarily stolen and then getting tossed out, of all things, by three bouncers one of whom is wearing only a towel and the other one entirely naked, then none of us is safe. I know about nubian, but I'm not familiar with this "Knubian" designation. Is it some kind of Islamo-fascist deal? I bet it is. And then on top of that, naked! On Sunday morning! My heart goes out to D'Angelo. Bad luck stalks this man like leaves on a tree.

When I wrote about Mr. Lee's early life in L.A. a year ago, I told how as a young man he got blamed for a deal where all he was did was go along to help some other guys beat up a congressional candidate who had reneged on a dope deal. If there's any pattern here, it's that Lee keeps having the bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. So you happen to be there when some other guys beat up a congressional candidate; so you have the bad luck of being in an all-male strip club on Sunday morning when you temporarily lose your $15,000 wallet. There but for the grace of God, you know.

Lee, as you know, has been treated as a "person of interest" in the FBI probe of corruption at Dallas City Hall. But I think that's a little unfair, too. Can't we just agree that he's a person of interest, with or without the FBI? I know I'm interested.

The TV stories last night said the wallet itself was worth $15,000. In the paper today, Lee was revising that to say the credit cards inside the wallet were worth $15,000. OK, I'm interested in that. Which is it? If in fact Mr. Lee paid $15,000 for the wallet itself, or even $1,500, then I think we need to find out who sold it to him. He may have been taken advantage of.

Lee was council member Don Hill's appointee to the plan commission. Some political gurus in Southern Dallas are still touting Hill as a viable mayoral candidate. If he runs, I am going to ask him what he intends to do to protect the citizens of this city when we are at all-male strip clubs on Sunday morning.

Then again, I can be na�ve. Maybe there's some kind of thing where you go into the Islamo-Fascist strip club, and you pay them a bunch of money, and then you say, "OK, now I want one guy in clothes and a guy in a towel and a totally naked guy to rough me up, OK?" Oh, wow. I hadn't even thought of that angle. Just forget the whole thing. --Jim Schutze

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