Snow Angels: Everywhere Tom Hicks Looks, He Finds a Billionaire Willing to Bail Him Out

So, Mark Cuban's interested in biting off a piece of that Dallas Stars Popsicle -- not the whole thing, mind you, just a taste. So he told Randy Galloway yesterday: "I have talked to somebody who is interested in buying the team, and I told them I would try to help them get a deal done." Makes good business sense, after all, as it would Cuban even more control over the American Airlines Center (where, the boys from The Basketball Jones discovered yesterday, it doesn't pay to arrive early for NBA All-Star Weekend -- hey, the kid laughed).

Speaking of Hicks, word out of England by way of India is he's got a potential investor in Liverpool, where the debt's piled up like wet snow. Hicks's could-be savior goes by the name of Subrata Roy, and he may be looking to lighten Hicks's load by as much as £100 million. No one's confirming nothing for a good two weeks, but Liverpool FC's managing director is scouting for investors.

Bonus: Elliott Smith's "Angel in the Snow," just because.

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