So, Wait, We Weren't Supposed to Be Recycling Cartons? But Now We Can? Good to Know.

Finally, a press release from Dallas City Hall that settles a long-simmering argument at my house: "Dallas becomes first major Texas city to add cartons to the list of acceptable recycling items." Son. Of. A. Clearly, I was wrong. Sorry, honey. My apologies. Never shoulda been putting those rinsed-out milk cartons in the blue bin.

Not sure why, though. They are recyclable. See, says so right here: "Yes, cartons are recyclable!" Exclamation point even. That's from the Carton Council, Paul Weller's not-very-good post-Jam spinoff. A rep from from the council will be at the formal intro-of September 8 at the Lovers Lane Central Market, also starring Dwaine Caraway of the city council, who will give a key to the city to a blue recycling cart. From the heads-up:

The City of Dallas with the support of Greenstar North America and the Carton Council is hosting a press conference to introduce the addition of food and beverage cartons as new acceptable items in the city's highly successful curbside recycling program. With this announcement, Dallas will be the first major city in Texas to include cartons in its curbside recycling program. Under the new initiative, residents will be able to place all empty cartons -- such as milk and juice cartons, along with soup and broth, soy milk and wine cartons -- in their blue recycling bins or community recycling drop off containers.

Might wanna lay off that "first major city in Texas" thing, though: Denton already does this.

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