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So, Yes, a New Hard Rock Cafe's Coming to Dallas. Hard Rock Hotel Too.

Gone, but absolutely not forgotten.

A very curious note this morning, courtesy The Miami Herald. Because in its story about the Seminole Tribe striking a deal to put a Hard Rock Cafe inside the new $1.3-billion Yankee Stadium, along with an eatery called NYY Steak, there was this reference to the tribe's plans for expanding the chain: "In total, the tribe owns 127 Hard Rock Cafes, not including the new one to be built in Yankee Stadium plus two others planned in Seattle and Dallas." Pardon?

After the jump, the official word.

Of course, the old McKinney Avenue location's was razed in January. And we've heard rumblings about a Hard Rock Hotel: That was, in fact, the original plan for the St. Regis Hotel site in Uptown, says its developer; and there have been rumors swirling for more than a year that it might yet wind up in Victory Park.

New York-based publicist Marissa Mastellone, who handles PR for the Hard Rock's hotels and casinos, tells Unfair Park this morning that there are "no plans for a Hard Rock Hotel Dallas," at least in the next two years. "But I have a call already in to my development team based at the Hard Rock Corp. headquarters in Orlando to give me info on if they are at least 'looking'," she says, and promises to get back with more later.

As for a new Hard Rock Cafe here, Florida-based John Gogarty, who handles that side of the chain's publicity, is in transit from New York and has been unavailable for comment. We've left messages at his office and on his cell, and we'll update when he calls back.

Update: Gogarty has called back, but he's not sure "whether [the Miami] reference was a line from a press conference or something else." He too has said he will "check to see what's cooking" and get back later today with an official statement. But he does not that "Dallas is obviously a very important location to Hard Rock, and unfortunately it didn't work out there the first time." Which doesn't mean there won't be a second.

Update to the Update: At 9:25 a.m., Amanda Early, another publicist for Hard Rock, sends the official word: It's a go. Dunno where, dunno when. But Hard Rock returns. As in:

Below please find the statement released on behalf of Hard Rock International regarding plans for Hard Rock Cafe Dallas.

We believe that Dallas, and surrounding areas, are important markets for Hard Rock International.

We are actively exploring other opportunities in the area, including a Hard Rock Hotel/entertainment complex and more strategic locations for a Hard Rock Cafe in this market. A number of locations are currently under consideration.

We expect to return to the Dallas market, at the right time in the right location.

So, indeed: a hotel and a cafe. Overpriced burgers for everyone! --Robert Wilonsky

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