Tony Romo, Taye Diggs and John Krasinski -- three members of Jimmy Kimmel's Handsome Men's Club
Tony Romo, Taye Diggs and John Krasinski -- three members of Jimmy Kimmel's Handsome Men's Club

Some News & Notes: More Bagels A-Comin', Jeb's Tax Revolting, DIFF Gets Some Dough and Romo's Handsome

Just a few things I've collected during the course of a day that would have been better spent in bed ...

I see here that Bruegger's Bakery and Café is expanding this year into the Dallas-Fort Worth market. Never had a Bruegger's, but says here it's nothing more than "an average bagel and coffee chain." And to think, we were just talking about Einstein Bros. ...

Got an e-mail that says, "Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas has become the first Member of Congress to join the Online Tax Revolt, a new, interactive March on Washington to demand tax reform." He joins Joe the Plumber, Thayrone X and Rocky D ...

The Dallas Film Society, the parent organization of the Dallas International Film Festival (formerly AFI Dallas), sends word: It's been given an anonymous donation worth $200,000. Though, to be technical, it's actually a matching challenge grant, and it comes with a deadline (donations much be made by April 1) and a couple of caveats ("Only cash contributions will be matched; and all pledges must be paid by June 30, 2010"). I asked spokeperson Lisa Singleton if this was necessary given the fest is no longer affiliaed with the American Film Institute, to which she replies: "A grant like this would have not happened in the past 3 years; the anonymous donor behind the challenge grant is extremely supportive of the Dallas Film Society forming its own membership initiatives and growing the society. These things were not as possible with the AFI affiliation we previously held." ...

And, finally, I fell asleep shortly after last night's Oscar broadcast only to wake up mid-way through a Jimmy Kimmel sketch starring an Entertainment Weekly's worth of actors ... and Tony Romo. About as funny as I barely remembered through a bourbon fog. After the jump.

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