Something Rotten

So my story on truck stop whores got posted on some Web site called rotten.com, and in the comments section, in which people are bitching about how long the story is and how much it sucked, a guy named Johnny lifts the lid on a whole other world. Texas State Fair, here I come. Anyway, Johnny used to haul rides to state fairs and here is some of what he saw:

"I caught one of my 'co-drivers,' who was an actual carnie not a weekender that moved rides full time on weekends and had nothing else to do with it, being banged by the dude that ran the zipper while banging the methhead chick that ran the cotton candy stand. I'd banged on his door to wake him up to get out of my way so I could hook up in a different way than he was and when he didn't respond I made the mistake of taking a couple steps up and having a look in the cab. I laughed my head off while being revolted at the same time.

Another time, this part time driver fucks three meth/crack carnie whores and after the long weekend goes home and passes out in bed with his wife who pulls his clothes off to throw them in the wash and was confronted by all kinds of scents and sights and stains. They lived just down the road. Her screaming at him woke me up that night. Ended up a weird SWAT team stand off with tear gas and everything and them yelling at his house with megaphones for 7 hours while he was passed out drunk and she'd already escaped the house.

Took a special breed to hang out with those idiots. No driver's licenses, half on parole or violating it or on the lamb from something. I found it expeditious to not be concerned with anything more than moving rides and getting paid and didn't talk to anyone I didn't have to after about 2 days.

One dude had murdered 2 people in Canuckistan and come down to Texas and was running the gravitron and then he killed somebody but claimed it was self defense although he shot the guy 8 times in the back with a 22 and got off and then after he'd been aquitted it turned out he had 2 murder warrants in Canada the Texas state cops had missed. Computers weren't as good then between up north and the US. I never trusted that fucker. One time he shaved half his head down the middle. He had a full beard! Half his head from center part over including beard/mustache, left side as I recall."

--Jesse Hyde

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.