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Sorry, Elizabeth Marshall, But Your Starbucks Is on "The List." Yours Too, Magic Johnson.

Late yesterday, Starbucks released the official list of store closures -- "in the spirit of transparency with our partners, customers and communities." And, yes, among the nine Dallas locations is the Greenville Avenue hot spot that Elizabeth Marshall tried to save with an online petition. And it was a valiant effort: She wound up getting 168 people to sign the virtual document, with most echoing her sentiment that it had become "THE neighborhood meeting place of Residents of Greenville Ave and the M-Streets Neighborhoods." Turns out, there are actually two Greenville Ave. locations on the list -- the other being the Starbucks at 5500 Greenville Avenue and Lovers Lane, in Old Town.

Also on the list, as expected, is the upstairs NorthPark Center location -- the relatively new site with the patio overlooking Center Park. Other locations include ones at 14891 Preston Road (near Belt Line Road), 9090 Skillman Street and Audelia Road, 5631 LBJ Freeway and Monfort Drive; 3431 Camp Wisdom Road and Highway 67, which is co-owned by Magic Johnson; and 3403 W. Illinois Avenue and Westmoreland Road, near the DART station there. (The latter two were mentioned a year ago in a Dallas Morning News story that bore the headline: "Starbucks rare in southern Dallas.") In all, there are 27 locations shuttering throughout the DFW, out of 600 nationwide. Which leaves 1.4 billion other Starbucks and corner coffee sellers from which to choose, give or take. Or, you know, your house. --Robert Wilonsky

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