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Speaking of Cleaning Up for the Super Bowl ...

Down below is that heads-up about the city's plans for giving the city a proper pre-Super Bowl scrub-down -- which, turns out, also merits a mention in the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee's just-published list of things to watch for in the 41 days left till kick-off in Arlington. As in: increased signage ("The NFL has a very aggressive marketing campaign to promote ticket sales for NFL Experience," says host committee veep Tara Green), billboards ("Not just from the NFL," says Green, "but also from sponsors") and plenty o' scams ("There are enough hotel rooms in the area to accommodate all of the Super Bowl travelers coming in").

Fine. But what we're really looking forward to? Seeing how out-of-towners depict Dallas-Fort Worth upon their descent into the DFW. Because Green's trying like hell to convince outsiders that Dallas is properly live-large-think-big and that Fort Worth is all "cowboys and culture" and that "Arlington is Fun Central." But we know how this'll really go down. Says Green:

"From what we've heard from the international media that have been coming in doing site visits, they want to see cattle. They want to see oil derricks, tumbleweeds, cowboys. I think people are stunned when they get here and see a thriving metropolitan area that's urban and modern."

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