Spend An Hour With Mayor Tom, As He Discusses the State of the City

This morning, at 7:45, Mayor Tom Leppert delivered a State of the City address to the MetroTex Association of Realtors Political Action Committee, meeting at the Westin Hotel Galleria. Our new Web editor, Patrick Michels, got out of bed in the wee small hours to record the entire speech, which included a pointed Q&A with breakfast attendees. And, yes, some of it dealt with, what else, the convention center hotel. But Leppert also deals with the school district, which he says has damaged its "credibility" with the budget shortfall, and myriad other subjects of note. After all, his speech lasted an hour -- and we've posted it in its entirety, in five easy-to-swallow segments for those who can no longer stomach the streaming, steaming video coming in from 3700 Ross Avenue. But, spoiler alert, if you're wondering how the city's going to pay for all the big-ticket items Leppert's pushing for, fret not: AIG's moving to downtown! Cue laughter. --Robert Wilonsky

Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert's 2008 State of the City address from Dallas Observer on Vimeo.

Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert's 2008 State of the City address - 2 from Dallas Observer on Vimeo.

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