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Starck Club to Reopen ... As "Zouk"

Got a most curious e-mail over the weekend from a publicist wanting to invite the Unfair Park-ers to a press preview on December 11, when "former Starck Club reopens as Zouk." Say wha? But, sure enough: Zouk has a website (ish) and Facebook page (announcing a Friday-night "sneak preview," matter of fact, after what appears to have been a thing last Saturday night). And over on the Facebook page Michael Cain set up for his Starck projects, there's a picture of what the joint now looks like inside -- along with this posted-last-week unedited explanation from one "Zouk Asim Sheikh" concerning the extreme makeover:

Hello Everyone. We are the proud new owners of your beloved STARCK CLUB. We are keeping the integrity of the original project and building around it. you do have to understand after 20 years, we have to demo most of the original space and build it back up. people who came before us, nearly destroyed the beautiful space. but we are keeping the original layout , doors and unisex bathrooms. Past 2 months we have several people came and share their stories. I would like meet with someone from your group to see if I can setup some kind of STARCK REUNION EVENT. HELP ME REBUILD THE MEMORY ON MORE TIME. Thank you.
And on a very related note, speaking of Cain's films this morning there was this post concerning a competing Starck Club doc:
While we're pleased to hear that there is interest in telling the original story behind the heralded Starck Club, word has it, producers of another, unofficial Starck film are in town soliciting interviews. We respectfully ask those who have stories, contact us instead for an interview for the authorized films, being produced exclusively by Eight6Eighty6 Films and creators of the Starck Club. Thanks-The Mgmt.
This one, maybe?

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