State Rep. Allen Vaught Wants to Know Why Texans Aren't Building the Calatrava Bridge

Back in November

, WFAA-Channel 8's Byron Harris went down to the Margaret Hunt Hill construction site and discovered it was being constructified by Italians who were brought to the U.S. and A. by

Italian steel provider Cimolai

without the proper work visas. Nobody, including TxDOT, seemed to mind till Harris started poking around; but by February,

the workers had lost their visas

. That, it appeared, was that.

Only, not so much: Cimolai, says WFAA, wants 10 more visas for construction "supervisors" on the Calatrava bridge. State Rep. Allen Vaught, for one, isn't pleased. A good Friend of Unfair Park directs our attention to his Facebook page, where, moments ago, Vaught posted the following message:

"Why are taxpayer dollars being used to hire European workers on a Dallas TXDOT Bridge construction project? I filed an open records request with TXDOT yesterday demanding answers. ... This is the second foreign labor issue this year on this project. This practice must be outlawed next session. Texas jobs for Texans! Are you with me?"

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