State Rep. Johnson Would Like Gov. Perry to Go Get Some of That Federal Small-Bidness Money

On the other side's a letter state Rep. Eric Johnson sent Governor Rick Perry yesterday, in which the District 100 representative asks Perry to apply for federal funds intended to "provide critical resources to help small businesses continue to drive economic recovery and create jobs." That's per the feds' definition of the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, signed into law by President Obama in September, which provides billions in small business loan -- $14 billion overall, goes the promise.

Deadline to apply's rapidly approaching by month's end, and Johnson frets that Texas will lose out on a guesstimated $46.5 million if Perry sits on his hands. But, look, you know how Perry feels about Washington regulatin' our salt and light bulbs and takin' our taxes and tellin' us what to wear. Why, why, he's had it up to here. He's ... The Fed Up Gov! Speaking of, Perry was on The Daily Show last night. Not all of his interview made it on air. The part that didn't follows. Spoiler: He no longer wants to secede, even if the rest of America starts gay-marrying all over the place.

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Rep Johnson Letter to Gov Perry (11-8-10)

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