Still Finding That Whole Blockbuster Downloading Kiosk Confusing

News from Comic-Con International -- and, no, nothing about the new RoboCop movie, The Spirit, Watchmen prop photos or Hugh Jackman. Rather, it's about Dallas-based Blockbuster, which schlepped out to San Diego those in-store kiosks from which customers can download movies directly to their Archos player for now, what an awesome idea.

The kiosks have already been planted in a few Dallas stores; Blockbuster's looking to expand into whichever of its outlets remain by 2011. Only, two months after the initial announcement, I still don't get why you have to drive to a Blockbuster to download a movie if you have, like, a home computer. Really, it just does not compute. And I'm not alone in this. Call me, Jim Keyes. Explain.

Says Blockbuster spokesperson Karen Raskopf in this Home Media Magazine report, “Comic-Con ... is the perfect venue for us to spread the word that … we’re the new Blockbuster and we’re reaching out to consumers in new ways.” New and also inconvenient.

Comapny's also beta-testing the new version of the recently acquired Movielink, which, from the looks of it thus far, doesn't work with Firefox. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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