Stop Me If You've Heard This One: Quincy Carter Arrested.

Don't like Jon Kitna? Could be worse.

The Dallas Cowboys could still be counting on this clown.

Never bought Quincy Carter's God act when he used to tape scriptures to his locker at Valley Ranch and demand you ask him about his faith during interviews.

Just as I never bought his remorse and committment when I trekked to Shreveport to talk with him two years ago.

Sure enough Carter, the last quarterback drafted by the Cowboys (2001), turned out to be a disingenuous nincompoop.

Repeat offender, matter of fact.

With this latest arrest on marijuana charges, he just can't get another shot at pro football can he? I seriously doubt it.

It's one of the saddest sagas in Cowboys' history. From playoff quarterback to habitual drug addict out of options and lucky to be alive.

Please, don't act surprised. I told you it was coming.

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