Storm Warnings: Channel 5 Lays Off Promo Staff, While KRLD Fires Brad Barton

Via Gawker, we find word that KXAS-Channel 5 has laid off its marketing folks -- you know, the promo-makers. NBC Universal's making the cuts at all of its owned-and-operation stations, of which Channel 5's but one of 10. Notes Gawker, "News employees will be expected to produce promos for their own stories, meaning that in addition to serving NBC News' newsgathering function, they will also be required to flack for their stations and essentially work in marketing for NBC Universal." Some highlights, then, from promos past after the jump. But does no one have that "JaM" promo? Or those Newy Scruggs-David Finfrock spots that ran during the Olympics back in '04?

And in other media news, Jason Sickles directs our attention to this farewell from longtime KRLD-AM (1080) meterologist Brad Barton, who was unceremoniously fired after 31 years of being the most reliable Dallas weatherman this side of the ghost of Harold Taft. Truly, a stunning move -- because God knows how many times we've listened to the man warn of impending doom when the power's gone out or during a suddenly darkened drive home. This will not end well for KRLD. Or do they not recall what happened when Channel 5 fired Rebecca Miller?

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