Sure, It's a Chain. But Some Folks Really Love Their Neighborhood Starbucks.

My dear friend and fellow T.J. Patriot Pat Mullins just called from the Starbucks on Lower Greenville Avenue, across from the Granada Theater, which is rumored to be among those on the chopping block. In fact, Pat says, "Employees here have already been told it's a done deal." Which is why he was calling. Because, see, the baristas and regulars are trying to change the mothership's mind. Some of the more musical residents of the neighborhood are talking about a series of free concerts, if only to show Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz how much a part of the neighborhood a chain coffee shop can become; and Elizabeth Marshall, a regular who's in marketing and sales, is in the process of putting up an online petition, which should go up today.

But the Lower Greenville location's among a handful of high-profile locations rumored to be on the way out. Also on the chopping block, according to the compendium maintained at the Starbucks Closing blog, is the new Starbucks in NorthPark Center. A manager there sorta shrugged when Unfair Park called this afternoon and told us to call corporate. So we did. Dunno why. Not answering questions about closings. Not yet. --Robert Wilonsky

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