Sylvan Thirty's Developer Chimes in About Tonight's Town Hall Meeting

Anna's attending tonight's town hall concerning the proposed zoning for the Sylvan Thirty development at Sylvan and Fort Worth Avenue; should be a good one, given the makeup of the panel that includes Brent Brown from the CityDesign Studio and Keith Manoy, head of transportation planning for the city. Till today, The Big Question was: Would Brent Jackson, the developer behind the proposed mixed-use'r, attend the event? Yes, yes he will.

Moments ago, Jackson posted an item to the I Heart Sylvan Thirty blog in which he confirms "we plan to attend the event." But: He takes issue with Fort Worth Avenue Development Group president David Lyles's assertion that he was invited. And he reminds that the zoning plan that'll no doubt be rated and debated tonight isn't the final version, which Sustainable Development's still vetting before it goes before the City Plan Commission next month.

1. We were not invited to be part of the event. In a telephone conversation last Thursday, FWADG expressed interest in Sylvan|Thirty representatives being present at the meeting. However, we were told specifically that we will not be provided an opportunity to take an active role in the presentation. We will simply have the same opportunity to ask the panelists questions that anyone else in attendance will.

2. The zoning change application that's being discussed tonight is outdated. As we've said before, the zoning process is exactly that - a process. It requires a lot of back and forth between developers, all interested community members and the city. The zoning request being discussed this evening was an early request to get that process started. Since then, we've met with community groups and the City Design Studio to get their input, resulting in a number of changes based on their recommendations. The latest zoning request is currently being processed by the City and will ultimately be sent to City Design Studio for review and approval or further modification. Since the City has not yet released the updated request and City Design Studio has not reviewed it, there's frankly not much more to discuss at this point.

Read the whole thing here.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.