Tag, DPD, You're It

Unfair Park absotively does not condone the spray-painting of police vehicles; let's make that perfectly clear. But we posolutely condone our Friends sending us photos of spray-painted police vehicles. This one comes from near Greenville Avenue and LBJ Freeway. After the jump, an explanation from the finetastic Friend who sent us the pictures. Also, you'll find some more pictures. --Robert Wilonsky

This police RV was parked for a week at the corner of Amberton Pkwy and Greenville Ave. Then on Monday, my s/o and I were driving by on the way to take her to work and we noticed it had been tagged. Usually the police bring this out to crime "hot spots" and it's manned. Sometimes they will store it someplace, but they are supposed to take it back every night. This time it sat -- untended -- for a whole week. I called it into 311 on Monday and the operator dispatched me through to DPD's Northeast substation who acted like they had no idea where it was. They finally came and it got it yesterday afternoon.

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