Tatum O'Neal and the Fab Five: Must Be Summer Camp!

Tonight's the big night; get your pom-poms ready for 8 p.m.. Should be fab -- or, at least, Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal -- as Lifetime gets its hep on with a mean-girl makeover about those McKinney North High School cheerleaders. And, hey, Slate seems to think it's a step, two, three in the right direction for the ladies'-only network:

Tatum O'Neal, having developed into a fine camp figure, sells her performance as a cheerleader mom (also the school's principal) whose main concern about her daughter's boozing is that there's enough tequila left over for her to make a decent margarita. Everyone learns an important lesson in the end, of course, but the naughtiness presented along the way intends to thrill.

Good thing, then, that our third sneak peek is a Tatum O'Neal two-fer, with a third clips added because, well, it's now or never. If nothing else, set your DVRs to stunned. --Robert Wilonsky

Unfair Park Exclusive: Fab Five Clip No. 3 from Dallas Observer on Vimeo.

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