Ted Cruz Gets Slammed for Joking About Disney Notre Dame Donation on Twitter

Sen. Ted Cruz learned a lesson he should've learned long ago the hard way Wednesday afternoon: Mess with the mouse, and you're going to get the ears.

The story starts, as many have over the last six-years plus, with Cruz trying and failing miserably to pass himself off as human by using humor. Having learned that the Disney Corporation has pledged $5 million toward restoration efforts following this week's fire at Notre Dame in Paris, Cruz thought he'd make a funny on Twitter.

While it's hard to understand the senator's point — is it that public-private partnerships are bad? — Twitter immediately descended, roasting Cruz for hours Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Some had questions of their own for Cruz.

Other users — the following tweet is just one of many — took the opportunity to remind Cruz of that one time he or a staffer liked a porn tweet on his Twitter account.

The time his daughter shunned Cruz's affection, publicly and on video, made an appearance, too. 

One Parisian offered a more serious critique of Texas' junior senator's faux pas.

Then there were the callbacks to and laments over Cruz's hanging on to defeat Beto O'Rourke in their tight 2018 U.S. election. 

Public sentiment against Cruz and his tweet were perhaps best summed up by celebrity chef Tom Woodbury, who took the high road, and Twitter user @treasonstickers, who wished something Cruz's critics have been wishing for years.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.