Rod Cleveland

Texas-OU's Got Five Years Left at Cotton Bowl. One OK Official's Planning for the Future.

The Red River Shootout's up for grabs following the 2015 expiration date of Texas and OU's deal with the city of Dallas. After that, who knows -- Jerry Jones's EnormoDome, most folks figure. Unless something happens between now and then. Hard to say.

But up in Cleveland County, Oklahoma, today, county commissioner Rod Cleveland (hunh) tried to get the other two commissioners -- George Skinner and Rusty Sullivan -- on board with a home-and-home resolution that would rotate the game through Norman and Austin. Says Cleveland, "This is not made to ruffle feathers, but is in support of businesses in Cleveland County," which could surely use the business. (I tried calling Cleveland, but his line's been busy all afternoon.) But Skinner and Sullivan wouldn't support Cleveland's proposed resolution today.

Fine, says Cleveland -- if nothing else, though, he wants the county included in the next round of talks about where to hold Texas-OU when the deal with Dallas runs out.

This is clearly a touchy subject: Rusty Sullivan just called me back, and when I told him what I wanted to talk about, he said, "This is something you'll have to take up with Rod Cleveland." He then gave me the main number for the county, said "thankyousomuch," then hung up on me. So that's a Rusty Sullivan. Time to update the Urban Dictionary.

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