Texas Rangers: Less Fireworks, More Fun?

And now, for two facts that have never ever gone together in the past:

1. The Texas Rangers are 10th in the American League (out of 14 teams) in home runs.

2. The Texas Rangers have a winning record.

I know. Weird.

When the Rangers beat the woeful Kansas City Royals on Sunday, they did it with two - count 'em, two - extra-base hits and no homers. Don't look now, but is new hitting coach Clint Hurdle's more patient approach working? Or is the Rangers' stellar pitching masking their power outage?

Whatever, it's working.

Said manager Ron Washington after the four-game sweep: "That's the Rangers brand of baseball."

It is? Since when?

The Rangers are 18-14. Is that despite having more stolen bases (35) than homers (25) or because of it?

More questions about an early-season that is promising, yet curious:

*Neftali Feliz converted his 7th consecutive save. We believe in him yet as the closer?

*Rangers are 8-2 since Ian Kinsler returned. Is he the difference?

*Evidenced by his complete-game victory over reigning Cy Young winner Zack Greinke on Friday, C.J. Wilson has the talent. But does he have the temperament to keep it going a full season?

*When Nelson Cruz returns from the DL Thursday, will smallball be forgotten?

*Despite going 3 for his last 27 at the plate, is journeyman catcher Matt Treanor the answer? With him in the lineup the Rangers have won 10 of 11.

*Is Elvis Andrus ready to be an everyday leadoff hitter?

*Is Derek Holland (4-1 with a 0.93 ERA at AAA) ready to get here and stay here?

*Will we ever see Chris Davis in a Rangers' uniform again?

*What's more enjoyable: Fireworks or winning?

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