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Texas Rangers Swear They're Not Trading Michael Young

Wanted answers as to yesterday's item about where Michael Young might fit into the Texas Rangers' plan in the wake of the recent acquisitions of Adrian Beltre and Mike Napoli.

Young is slated for utility infielder duty, maybe some first base and, of course, DH. But he says DHing isn't a permanent move while the Rangers say Napoli will be the first-base backup to Mitch Moreland.

During yesterday's trip to Austin to show off their AL championship trophy to Texas lawmakers, manager Ron Washington said ...

"He's a key producer on this team. Michael is going to play and be a big part of what we're doing. We need him in the lineup, and he'll be there. This doesn't change that."

What did general manager Jon Daniels say about Young on 105.3 The Fan?

"We have no plans to trade Michael. We don't have any blockbusters in the works. Michael is going to be a big part of this team and the Napoli trade does not impact that."

I know things (injuries, etc.) happen in baseball. A year ago, for example, Texas was counting on Scott Feldman and Rich Harden at the top of the pitching rotation. But Young has moved from second to short to third to DH and now to an even further reduced role into part-time DH and backup backup to Andres Blanco? Young is one of the greatest teammates in the history of Dallas-Fort Worth, but this shoving aside isn't pretty.

Young is guaranteed $16 million over the next three years, so a trade is difficult. But doesn't it seem like suddenly the long-time face of the franchise isn't a good fit here anymore?

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