Until our corporate overseers pony up the cash for an elaborate, HD-ready, multi-angle camera rig, we'll have to concede defeat to the handheld camcorders at Texas Gigs. The latest in the site's ongoing video podcast series highlights this weekend's Final Friday concert at the Gypsy Tea Room. Once again, the best in Dallas' hip-hop scene were out in full force for an end-of-the-month free-for-all, this time celebrating the release of Hydroponic Sound System's Mixtape Mentality CD. Pretty much every Dallas MC who chipped in a guest spot on the disc (and, whoo boy, there are a lot of 'em) played at the show, including the usual suspects: Tahiti, Chucky Sly, Mes the Jive Turkey, Bavu Blakes and, holy shit, Headkrack. The 97.9 The Beat personality was out to kill on Friday, bouncing around the stage like a wildman and spitting his can't-beat mix of smarts and streets with a gravelly vocal chord attack. His Texas Gigs clip, a throwback to the Adidas-sporting days of LL, is a good indication of the kind of fire he's gonna light when he performs as one of the Dallas Hip-Hop All-Stars on Tuesday, May 9, at the Dallas Observer Music Awards.

Unfortunately, the best performance of the night wasn't captured by the TG cameras--MYK, a.k.a. Jesus Chronic, has been kicking around Dallas for so long that he played with Erykah Badu in her earliest days, but for whatever reason, the guy doesn't poke his head out for mainstream events like Final Friday very often. Shame, because MYK's stoned-smooth delivery is backed with a brain and sense of humor that sounds as refreshing now as Snoop was when he used to be a Doggy Dogg. MYK's Friday performance saw rapid-fire raps one second, take-his-sweet-time laughs the next, and the effect of the whole whacked-out set was mindblowing. Why isn't this guy beyond-belief huge in an age where werido down-souf dudes like OutKast and Cee-Lo are successful? Listen to his Mixtape Mentality contribution, Big Fat Hater, and you may very well agree with my over-hype. -Sam Machkovech

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.