Thanksgiving Leftovers

   *Cowboys 34, Seahawks 9. Toldja.    *Isn't it great to have a quarterback who makes plays when plays aren't there to be made? I'm thankful, Tony Romo. Very thankful.

   *Turkey sure was good, but the digestion process and my blowout-induced nap was uncomfortably disrupted by Marion Barber's right foot and DeMarcus Ware's left knee.

   *Example No. 1,046 of why we don't need sideline reporters: Fox's Pam Oliver reported that Ware had ice on his "right" knee. Sorry Pam, right is wrong.

   *I must have missed something, but when did Andre Gurode morph into Charlie Hough? What's up with all the off-speed, knuckleball shotgun snaps?

   *On the best, most empowering, feel-good day of my life, I was only about 1/100th as cocky as Fox analyst Joe Buck. Is there any doubt that when taking the photo with Troy Aikman and The Jonas Brothers, Buck was convinced he was the star of the shot?

   *Speaking of Buck, was everyone -- including Aikman -- afraid to correct him when in the first quarter he inexplicably said that Jason Garrett "lost to Brett Favre and the Packers" in the '94 Thanksgiving game? (Update: Finally Buck sheepishly corrected his gaffe in the fourth quarter. Of course, even then he blamed it on Aikman.)

   *Anybody else get a little giggle from the fact that Terrell Owens finished with only 98 receiving yards? At least our lil' ploy worked.

   *Were we supposed to be familiar with Fox's "Officer Pack", the dork who was supposedly guarding the Gobbler trophy?

   *I love charity and all, but the best thing about online shopping: No annoying bell ringing.

   *As for The Jonas Trio, um, have their voices reached puberty? Didn't sound like it, did it? Reminded me of that Brady Bunch episode when Peter cracked his way through a song. How's that for dating myself?

   *Ironic that after fat-ass rapper "Big Rob" wowed us -- Roger Staubach's No. 12 never looked so ridiculous -- the Salvation Army's commercial started us with "Childhood obesity is an epidemic ..."

   *Whatever you do, don't tinker with Nick Folk. Dude is in the perfect groove.

   *Most exasperating word of 2008: "Bailout" or "Drinkability"?

   *Combined score the last three Thanksgivings: Cowboys 106, Opponents 22.

   *While watching Texas obliterate A&M, a thought occured to me a couple of times: 45-35. Ring a bell?

   *Happy Black Friday. Wait, is that offensive? -- Richie Whitt  

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.