A 2008 rendering of the new Sylvan Avenue bridge, which will be discussed at another public meeting on October 7

That New Sylvan Ave. Bridge? Oh, Right ...

Feels like it's been forever since last we heard of plans to replace the low-lying,

flood-prone Sylvan Avenue bridge

-- almost

two years to the month

, matter of fact. Back in October 2008, though, there were

myriad questions about the viability of the $48-million redo

, chiefly: Where was the money coming from to cover a shortfall ranging from $19.7 million to 24.7 million?

Last I heard

, it still had "partial funding" and was awaiting "environmental clearance." But as Schutze said this morning: "It's not like its


money anyway."

Back in '08, time was of the essence for one big reason: "Needs to be ahead of Trinity Parkway, which begins construction mid-2010." (Heh.) Since then, the state's come in twice since the fall of '07 and said it's in "fair" shape, except for the parts that are in "poor" condition. (Which I forget every time I take out-of-towners and the 7-year-old who lives in my house on that particular roller-coaster ride.) Hence the need for speed: On Tuesday the Trinity River Corridor Project Committee will be told there needs to be an October 7 public hearing, which is necessary at this late date to remind folks that the city and TxDOT are indeed moving ahead with the extreme bridge makeover, which will close Sylvan Ave. between the levees for a whole year, create all kinds of detours and cut off access to the Trammell Crow Park (a bummer, no doubt, for those who like to paint their names on those marble cows).

According to the latest time line, the final design's due next month, with "final approval of environmental document" coming in March. Construction's set to start in August '11, with the big finish coming in December '12. Then again, Trinity Parkway construction is set to begin in mid-2010.

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