The 10 Most Compelling People on TV

With the Rangers over and the Mavs resting and the Stars playing a meaningless hockey game - ugh, is there an uglier phrase in the English language? - I flipped around DirecTV for a moment last night before wondering aloud:

If I had my choice, who would I watch right now?

Then I answered myself. With a list.

10. Dave Chappelle - Yeah I know he walked and his show is kaput, but every once in a while you'll stumble upon a rerun and it's a week-sweetner. Don't you dare die before seeing his Race Draft. Priceless.


9. Murray Hewitt - Flight of the Conchords manager conducts the worst/best beend meeting in the history of "music."


8. Peter Gammons - I'm not a seam-head, but whenever ESPN's analyst speaks about baseball I stop and listen. He lives for that shit. man, I wished I loved anything half as much as Gammons loves baseball. Plus, I'm fascinated how much he looks like Andrew Jackson, the face of our $20 bill.


7. Mary Carillo - I find her passion and knowledge and ability to communicate tennis to be very arousing. No kidding.


6. Dale Hansen - Whether he's unplugged or applying the Q&A taser to Jerry Jones, Channel 8's icon sports anchor is the closest thing we have to must-see local TV.

5. George Stephanopoulos - He is ... the most interesting man in the world. I don't always watch politics, but when I do I watch This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Stay politcal, my friends.


4. Glenn Beck - I know the Fox News Channel host's tears are more fake than professional wrestling, but I ... can't ... look ... away.


3. Jon Stewart - His Daily Show perspective, common sense and rubber-face expressions make even today's gloomy news gleeful.


2. Katie Morgan - I find her passion and knowledge and ability to communicate stark, delicious nudity on HBO's show about something-or-other to be very arousing. Double no-kidding.


1. Peter Griffin -

Don't try to emulate the ultimate Family Guy. Unless you want to be awesome.

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