As part of its rebuilding effort, Terilli's is selling welcome-back bricks that'll become part of a "Friends of Terilli's Wall" upon its February reopening.

The 2800 Block of Greenville Avenue Hopes to Rise From the Ashes by February

Shortly after

a four-alarm fire destroyed the block of Greenville Avenue

housing Terilli's, Hurricane Grill, Mick's and the Greenville Bar & Grill on March 2, a Friend of Unfair Park pleaded in the comments: "Please just don't build a bank or CVS in this space." The owner of the building, Jon DuPerier, said shortly thereafter that he had every intention of rebuilding; council member Angela Hunt said

she'd make sure the city expedited the permitting process

. But Greenville Bar and Grill and Hurricane Grill owner Gregg Merkow's lawsuit

slowed down clean-up efforts

, and

crews didn't start hauling off the charred remains till July 1


Now that we're all caught up on the past, a Lower Greenville stakeholder sends word of the future: Over on Red on Greenville, a Schutze favorite run by the merchants down thataways, you'll find a post titled, simply, "The Future of Greenville's 2800 Block." Contained therein are plans for its restoration, which DuPerier and the tenants -- including not only Terilli's, but also Dodie's (which is moving from its present location into the Hurricane Grill spot) and the "marinade grill" Rohst -- hope to have up and running before a certain Big Game being played in Arlington at the beginning of the year:

The plan is to have the strip ready for business in February before the Super Bowl. As if all of this wasn't enough excitement, each of the restaurants is to have a rooftop deck, creating a fun yet chic environment that will undoubtedly relieve some of Henderson's bloating.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.