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The Amazing Grace of Affiliated Computer Services' CEO Lynn Blodgett

Then-Mayor Laura Miller and ACS CEO Lynn Blodgett, holding one of his photographs of the homeless

Lynn Blodgett's name usually shows up in print when something goes wrong with Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Services (backdated stock options and the chairman's failed buyout attempts) or when something goes right (making lots of money, say) with ACS. But last August, with the publication of his first book, the 489th-best compensated CEO in the U.S. and A. has been getting plenty of other pub -- turns out, says the latest issue of Forbes, he's "An Avedon For the Poor."

That's because Blodgett's highly regarded book -- Finding Grace: The Face of America's Homeless, out last year from publisher Earth Aware Editions -- collects Blodgett's photos of the homeless from around the country (sounds like he and Hal Samples should know each other). And not only did the CEO land in Forbes this week, he was also featured this weekend on CBS Sunday Morning in a piece titled "Do Unto Others," which dealt specifically with his Finding Grace Homeless Initiative, a coalition co-founded by Blodgett, Mike Rawlings of the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance and other advocates for the homeless around the country. (He was also profiled in hipster music mag Paste last fall.) And, yes, Blodgett tells Forbes, he does give some of his big salary to the homeless on the street: "I err on the side of trying to help." --Robert Wilonsky

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