The Backlash Against Wendy Davis Is Getting Pretty Vile

The Dallas Morning News' Wayne Slater may have suggested that Wendy Davis owes her success to her ex-husband, but he did so subtly and in the context of an article that outlines small but significant discrepancies in the rags-to-riches autobiography she's been peddling on the campaign trail.

The Internet and certain conservative media outlets, on the other hand, have no use for context or subtlety.

Here's Rush Limbaugh saying she's willing to abandon the truth in her quest for "higher orifice."

And state Representative Bill Zedler's expert legal opinion that Davis may have perjured herself:

And RedState.com's Erick Erickson's accurate but completely disingenuous claim that her ex-husband asked a judge to order her not to use drugs around her kids.

And here's Twitter taking its gloves off:

Stay classy, everyone.

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