The Big Apple: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. Got my bag checked and my toothpaste confiscated at D/FW Airport. Do I look that guilty?

9. I'll never get tired of flying into New York. That skyline is one of the best views on Earth.

8. Nothing more unnerving than the cab ride from LaGuardia Aiport into the city. This one was $35 and full of unscripted double lane changes and, of course, not a lot of chit-chat with the driver.

7. Staying at a Mid-town Manhattan hotel not far from Times Square and/or Central Park and, yes, Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi" joint (It's actually called Soup Man). My perch is across from tiny flats that probably cost $1 million. No thanks.

6. I sense this town is relieved about the Giants beating the Lions, and confident about the Yankees beating the Rangers.

5. I'm not scared of much, but I drove by Harlem's Rucker Park and that place doesn't look too inviting for a short, slow point guard.

4. Went into a little market to get some bottled water, a 5-hour Energy and a couple New York newspapers. $20 and, weird, no credit cards. "No cards?" I asked the shop manager. "Cash!" he barked back. I love New York. I think.

3. Ate at Gallagher's steak house last night. They say Babe Ruth ate here in 1927. Surprisingly, the filet was only $38. Not bad, considering I once had a $20 turkey club at Stage Deli.

2. I've been to Tokyo and London and all over the U.S., and my favorite place in the world is Central Park. It's green. It's giant. It's crazy characters. It's fit women jogging. It's vibrant, yet serene. Clear your mind, then walk 15 minutes and find yourself at the busiest intersection on the planet - Times Square. As you've probably guessed by now, I embrace the extremes.

1. Yankee Stadium is one of the coolest places. Not as tradition-rich spooky as the original joint right across the street, but still has monuments and already a World Series flag flying.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.