The Big Red Glove Offers Updates on Fair Park's "Major Dallas Event" (Or Not) and City Council's Request for a Briefing From Oncor

Still no word on what will "ROCK" Fair Park -- though White Rock Marathon chairman Phil Baker swears his organization isn't up and leaving Victory Park as the starting point and finish line for this year's race. Yes, the marathon board did meet Thursday, but Baker says, nope, not it. "At this point," he tells Unfair Park, "it would be too expensive to move out of Victory Park." Fair Park executive general manager Daniel Huerta says he's not sure to what the Friends of Fair Park's Wednesday tweet was referring, but he says he may have an announcement to make to tomorrow concerning a different event when he gives the council's Quality of Life Committee a Fair Park update tomorrow at noon. ...

Looks like Angela Hunt's serious about wanting Oncor to explain why it took so long to get power to some residents following February 11's record snowfall. After the jump, among the stack of memos to and from council members sent last week, you'll find one signed by Hunt and six other council members (Dave Neumann, Linda Koop, Pauline Medrano, Delia Jasso, Tennell Atkins and Carolyn Davis) requesting "city staff facilitate a council briefing from Oncor that includes ... information" concerning, among other topics, "how responses to power outages were prioritized, methods of communicating with customers [and] process changes based on lessons learned." ...

Also after the jump, the latest code compliance accountability report card. So, how'd your part of town fare? ...

And, regarding that photo above, the 6-year-old who lives in my house took it yesterday as he snapped backseat pics between our visits to Dallas Farmers Market and AutoRama at Dallas Market Hall. He said it "freaked me out." But ya know what they say: Big gloves, big hands.

Memos 2-19-10

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