The Cavern Club: Tom Hicks Needs Money for Liverpool FC, ASAP

George Gillett, left, and Tom Hicks -- now lovey and dovey again. Happens when rich people need money.

Been a while since we've posted anything about how Tom Hicks is screwing up Liverpool -- the soccer team, not the entire city, though there is a fine line. Anyway, word began circulating over the weekend that Hicks and Liverpool FC co-owner George Gillett, with whom the Texas Rangers' owner has had a contentious relationship for months, have kissed and made up. Hence, this description of the twosome as "the Lemmon and Matthau of Premier League owners," which makes Hicks ... um ... neither?

Only, the gruesome twosome are lovey-dovey again for one reason: They need to kick in mounds of their own dough to further finance the team -- specifically, the construction of a new stadium, which is being done by Dallas-based HKS, Inc. Notes one Liverpool daily: "The worldwide clampdown on lending means they would still face huge problems raising the deposit now needed for what is effectively a mortgage to build a new Anfield." But, hey, at least the Rangers are one game over .500. --Robert Wilonsky

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