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The City of Dallas Removed the White "X" From Dealey Plaza on Monday

Years ago, Dealey Plaza conspiracy man Robert Groden reportedly strolled into the center lane of Elm Street and taped down a white "X" to mark the spot where President John F. Kennedy was struck with the fatal bullet on November 22, 1963. It's actually about about six inches too far west, but it's close enough to be an object of macabre fascination for Dealey Plaza tourists, whose scampering visits to the spot are well documented on Instagram.

No longer. On Monday afternoon, as the city prepared Dealey Plaza for Friday's official JFK commemoration, workers removed the "X."

"We are laying asphalt to level out the streets and remove any trip hazards," city spokesman Frank Librio told The Dallas Morning News' Scott Goldstein. "With thousands visiting the area this week, we think that is prudent."

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It's certainly in keeping with the city's attempt to keep the 50th anniversary focused on Kennedy's life rather than on his murder. But prudent? Let's first make sure no one gets mowed down in traffic searching fruitlessly for that phantom letter.

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