The Claw > Rally Monkey?

If only Fritz Von Erich was around to see this.

The old Dallas-based professional wrestler used to mesmerize me and paralyze opponents in the 1970s - down at The Sportatorium, no less - with his signature move, "The Iron Claw." He'd basically take his powerful right hand and squeeze the life out of guys by palming their face and pressing his thumb and fingers into their temple.

Iron Claw. Presto: Involuntary tap out.

Fritz, who died in 1997, isn't around to throw out a playoff first pitch for the Rangers, but I'm predicting the team's new "Claw" T-shirts will be this season's "Rally Monkey."

After a significant hit, of course, the Rangers acknowledge their dugout with a claw - both a sign of power and a show of unity in a wolfpack. As of right this moment, you can join the claw club for a mere $26.

How's that you ask?

The Rangers Wednesday announced that the official blue Claw & Antler T-Shirt is now available at the Majestic Grand Slam Shop at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and the club's team stores in Dallas and Arlington for $26. Foam claws are also available for $9.

More info is available at texasrangers.com.

Like the 2002 Angels and their Rally Monkey, the Rangers have a clever, cutesy rallying cry that will unify fans and generate revenue. Now they just need to win a World Series.

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