The Cowboys' Seven-Month Ache

Over at the Sportatorium this a.m., Richie has news concerning a certain ex-Ticket host who's got himself a new gig he's sure to like, which, I know, wasn't the question. Only, what is an "R.J. Choppy," and how much does it cost? Alas, in other sporting news, Tony Romo finally makes the cover of Sports Illustrated this week -- so do a host of other NFL QBs, for that matter, as the magazine spreads the regional love for its NFL preview issue. In the piece on Dallas, Lee Jenkins more or less spends the entire time rehashing the first-round adios courtesy the NY Giants, when "agony engulfed the Metroplex," for real? Nonetheless ...

In the postmortem, blame for the defeat was predictably placed on Romo, for going to Mexico with Jessica Simpson during the Cowboys' bye week; on coach Wade Phillips, for letting Romo go to Mexico with Jessica Simpson; and on wide receiver Terrell Owens, for defending Romo's decision to go to Mexico with Jessica Simpson.
Anyway, season's already over: Dr. Z has New England beating Philly in Tampa on February 1, 26-23. And I was so looking forward to the regular season. --Robert Wilonsky
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Robert Wilonsky
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