The Dallas County GOP is Already Using Craig Watkins' No-Show as Fundraising Pitch

Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins was scheduled to testify this morning at a hearing on whether he abused his office to perform a favor for a political donor. As you know by now, he didn't show up, explaining through a proxy that, though he was at work, he was simply too ill.

It took Dallas County Republicans all of two seconds to pounce. The party dispatched a fundraising email (headline: "Dallas County Democrats show blatant disregard for the law. Again.") using Watkins' no-show this morning as a call to open wallets.

The email continues:

How many of us who failed to appear in court would be spared from any legal consequences or repercussions? Watkins, who makes over $160,000 a year working for the taxpayers of Dallas County, doesn't seem to be worried about it.

It's time we, the taxpayers of Dallas County, fire Craig Watkins for his poor job performance and lack of integrity. Donate today, and your contributions will help to build the infrastructure that we need to get Democrats like Watkins out and Republicans in. For as little as $17.76 per month or $220 per year you can become a member of the Patriot Club and help rid Dallas County of these corrupt officials.

They certainly get points for speed, and for the clever use of the nation's birthday as the monthly contribution amount to reflect the year the country declared independence. Watkins and company would never have thought of that one.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.