Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys' Best Week of the Season

Just like that, 3-2 doesn't look so bad.

Bye not playing yesterday, the Dallas Cowboys got better. Head coach Wade Phillips got smarter. Tony Romo became more accurate. Their standing in the NFC greatly improved.

Because while you were at the State Fair or sleeping off your Texas-OU hangover or enjoying the sunny, spectacular Fall weather at the dog park or the hammock or Spearmint Rhino, the Cowboys' NFC East brethren all lost - embarrassingly. The New York Giants surrendered 48 points in a loss at New Orleans. The Philadelphia Eagles somehow lost to the Oakland Raiders. And the Washington Redskins ... my God, those Washington Redskins.

Cowboys' fans, you can bitch and moan and bitch some about your team's deficiencies. But it took one stagnant Sunday to hammer this home - It could be worse.

*The Giants entered Sunday's game at New Orleans with the NFL's top-ranked defense. They left with a 21-point loss in which quarterback Eli Manning verbally and physically assaulted running back Ahmad Bradshaw for missing a blitz pick-up.

*The Eagles entered Sunday's game at Oakland with the NFL's 6th-ranked offense. But somehow against the Raiders' 31st-ranked defensse they failed to score a touchdown in a 13-9 loss. The game-clinching play? A third-down pass from Oakland's JaMarcus Russell to bumbling running back Gary Russell. Vomit.

*The Redskins entered Sunday's game against the winless Kansas City Chiefs already sucking. And after a 14-6 loss in which they gained only seven first downs and quarterback Jason Campbell was bench in favor of backup Todd Collins, head coach Jim Zorn was sucked of his play-calling duties.

That the Giants would allow seven touchdowns Sunday while the Eagles and Redskins would fail to score one is amazing. That the only criticism of Romo on this Monday is that he spent another bye week flying out of town is refreshing.

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