Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys: Change We Can Believe In?

You buyin' it?

The Cowboys' changes, I mean. Pacman Jones is gone and looks like Tank Johnson won't be asked back and there are even serious organizational discussions concerning Terrell Owens.

And last Friday, of course, the Cowboys announced the firing of defensive coordinator Brian Stewart. Are these the first steps of the Cowboys cleaning house in advance of a dramatic culture change, or merely a shallow smokescreen aimed at camouflaging the fact that Wade Phillips will be back again next season?

Me? I don't think Stewart's departure means a hill of beans.

Stewart was fiery on the sidelines and all, but it was hardly his defense. Remember, Phillips yanked the play-calling duties from him back in October. And, besides, from Day 1 this was the "Phillips 3-4." It's always been "Mr. Fix It"'s defense. Right?

There are some in the media decrying Stewart's firing as a "bombshell", a blockbuster move that signifies the Cowboys are serious about change. But, as I've said before, you think a 61-year-old whose been soft his whole life is going to suddenly swap his stripes and turn hard core, and you probably believe Tom Cruise looks believable in an eye patch.

The Cowboys want to convince me about their change? Fine, I want to see:

*No more Hard Knocks' cameras at training camp.

*No more radio/TV shows for players.

*No more quarterbacks showing up at celebrity golf tournaments or jumping on stage with metal bands.

*No more Terrell Owens.

*No more Jason Garrett interviewing with other teams.

*No more Wade Phillips.

In general, show me a re-dedication to guts over glitz. Do that, and I'll buy into Dallas' change. Until then, I'm afraid they'll remain flawed as an organization that covets style just as much as stubstance, and that relishes a high profile as much as a winning record.

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Richie Whitt
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