The Dallas Cowboys: Grind It Out or Give It Up?

Personally, I don't see much sense in spilling blood, sweat, tears, worry and blogosphere space on your Dallas Cowboys.

At 1-5 and with Tony Romo out at least six weeks, the season is over. Considering it started not that long ago with Super Bowl aspirations, this has to be the most disappointing pratfall out of the gate in franchise history. I mean the Cowboys were 1-5 in '89 but no one had high hopes for that squad.

I've been wrong all along about this team. Thought they'd play in Super Bowl XLV. Thought they'd beat wallop the Giants Monday night in Arlington. Didn't think Romo would be break his collar bone.

I sure didn't see this coming. I doubt if anyone else did either.

After the season Wade Phillips may be fired and there may be a lockout and the Cowboys may have a high draft pick. But for now ...

Let me see more of Stephen McGee and Dez Bryant and Phil Costa and Danny McCray.

The 2010 season is an epic disaster. Even worse, there are 10 games remaining.


In related news, if the Texas Rangers were ever going to have better TV ratings than the Cowboys, this is the Sunday. While Jon Kitna and a 1-5 team host the lowly, unsexy Jacksonville Jaguars in a noon game at Cowboys Stadium, the Rangers will host the Giants in Game 4 of the World Series just down the street at 7:20.

The Rangers are better. The Rangers' games are more important. The Rangers might draw more TV eyeballs.

Yes Cowboys fans, Sunday may be the scariest Halloween of them all.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.