The Dallas Mavericks Have Lost Two in a Row and Mark Cuban is Fightin' Mad!

Actually, it's not confounding defeats to the Memphis Grizzlies and Atlanta Hawks that has Cuban peeved, but more so tonight's American Airlines Center invasion by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

(This is, after all, a blog named after an old rasslin' barn.)

Cuban, never one to turn down some theatrics or a spotlight, won't be "fighting" Denver Nuggets' forward Kenyon Martin tonight, but maybe Dusty Rhodes' son, Cody. Who knows? If it doesn't involve Fritz Von Erich or Black Jack Mulligan, my professional wrestling knowledge is basically extinguished.

I do know this much about WWE's RAW:

*It airs tonight at 8 on USA Network.

*It's not fake, only "scripted." Right?

*Marisa Tomei is hot (and naked) in The Wrestler.

*Necessary provisions tonight at AAC include: Lots of poster board, vocal chords, beer and, shall we say, a creative perspective of reality.

Question: In the world of professional wrestling, is Cuban a good guy or bad guy?

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