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The Dumbest Column in the History of Tim Cowlishaw

Love me some Tim Cowlishaw of Dallas' Only Daily. Known him and respected him for years, going back to our days as competitive beat writers fighting for morsels about the Dallas Cowboys in the mid-1990s. I annually rank him among the metroplex's 50 Most Powerful People in Sports. Dang, I even root for him on ESPN's Around the Horn.

But when he's wrong, man is he wrong.

Today, for example, Cowlishaw writes that the Dallas Cowboys should seriously consider drafting Auburn quarterback Cam Newton with their first-round pick in April. That's the 9th pick overall, remember. This year.

It's a premise, of course, that is preposterous on so many levels.


I know the Green Bay Packers in 2005 drafted a guy named Aaron Rodgers with Brett Favre still playing quarterback. But the Packers were coming off a 10-6, playoff season in 2004. Set with the present, they could afford to look long-term into the future.

Not Dallas. Not now.

The Cowboys, in case you've forgotten, sucked last season. 6-10. Missed the playoffs. Got their head coach fired. Fresh out of luxuries. Furthermore, they're stable at very few positions, but quarterback is one of them.

While Favre was 35 when Packers' general manager Ted Thompson drafted future Super Bowl MVP Rodgers, Tony Romo is only 31 and still in his prime, if not even still on the upside. When healthy he's a Pro Bowl quarterback. And he's backed up by a proven veteran named Jon Kitna who, behind only Michael Vick, was the best No. 2 quarterback in the NFL season.

As Cowboys coaches head to Indy for this week's scouting combine, they should be looking for immediate, play-right-friggin'-now help at safety. At cornerback. Along the offensive line. Anywhere but quarterback.

For one, I don't think Newton has the passing accuracy to ever be an elite quarterback in the NFL. Secondly, the Cowboys have far more pressing needs.

Either Cowlishaw has absorbed one too many virtual fist bumps from Tony Reali, or else he's just baiting us with a bizarre, extreme opinion in hopes of prompting relevance and feedback and buzz. I hear sports columnists are known to do that from time to time.


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Richie Whitt
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