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In The New York Times today, Richardson High School's own David Gordon Green talks about transitioning from Indieland to Hollywood -- specifically, how he went from making such elegiac films as George Washington and All the Real Girls to the stoner bromance Pineapple Express, which, you certainly know by now, opens FridayWednesday. Turns out, Green says, it's a pretty inevitable transition:

Yes, he admires the films of Terrence Malick, but growing up outside Dallas in the late 1980s he and his junior high school friends also indulged a bottomless appetite for the goofiest low-end action comedies. “Pure amusement,” he said, unrepentantly. “I was into some trash. It wasn’t even prestigious trash, like the taste that Tarantino has. I mean trash.”
Speaking of, among Green's myriad future projects, notes The Times, is a remake of ... no, really? ... the greatest Kenny Rogers movie ever made. After the jump, a future-classic clip from Pineapple Express, a film that exceeds expectations by being so damned unexpected. I am so high on Pineapple Express right now. The movie, I mean. --Robert Wilonsky

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