Irving's John Moore captured several of the defining images of Benazir Bhutto's assassination moments ago.

The Heat of the Moment

In June, I mentioned my old friend John Moore, whom I first met at The Daily Texan in the late-1980s. He was one of our staff photographers, and even in college the Irving-born picture-taker shot like a pro. These days he's shooting for Getty Images, and a Friend of Unfair Park directs our attention to John's work this morning on The New York Times' Web site -- from the hottest spot on the planet at the moment, no less.

John was actually in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, attending the rally at which Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by a suicide bomber's close-range gunshot. John captured the moment at which the assassin's bomb went off, right after Bhutto was gunned down. Expect to see it everywhere in the coming hours; you can practically feel the heat coming off the image. Also, several other photos of John's are appearing on the site, as the story is constantly updated throughout the morning. --Robert Wilonsky

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