The Iron Women are Coming!

If you’re moping about working late on a Friday or having to squeeze into that bikini you’ve outgrown or finding your boyfriend in a closet with your best friend, this will either give you refreshing perspective or make you feel like an utter loser not worthy of taking up space on this earth.

This Sunday, at the RYKA Iron Girl Texas Triathlon in Las Colinas, Team Ellis, a niece and aunt, will complete their fifth bike-run-and-swim race together. Anyone who does a 500-meter swim, 20K bike ride and 5K run is impressive enough, but get this: According to a press release we received at Unfair Park, 20-year-old Lindsay from Baton Rouge has cerebral palsy, and her aunt Wendy, from Pensacola, acts as her arms and legs. Here's a video from a 2006 triathlon showing just how they work together.

So, by all means, get off the couch and help the industrious athletes raise money for a good cause: Brighter Tomorrows, a local nonprofit that helps domestic and sexual violence survivors and works to break the poverty-welfare cycle through job assistance. --Megan Feldman

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